Many of us in our lifetime will never have to deal with the legal system.  If we do, it will typically be because someone died and we need to deal with probate, we were in an accident and we need to get compensated or something small along those lines.  For most people, dealing with the court system won’t be needed.

If you do however, find yourself caught up in a legal battle you may want to contact a bailbonds cleveland expert to get you out of trouble.  By working with a company like Chuck Brown II Bail Bonds, you can be released from jail, have some restrictions placed on you and await your day in court.

To begin with you will be given your charges.  This is what you will be fighting in court.  When you get your charges, it will be your responsibility to build a defense.  This process will help you fight the charges against you in court.

On your day in court you will be asked to present your case.  This is where you can answer questions, present evidence and try to convince others that you are not the one who did the crime.  Before court, you will discuss with your lawyer, public defender or other on your legal team the issues and the evidence. 

It is through this evidence that you and your lawyers will try to show that you are innocent.  At the end of your debate the information that you presented will go to the judge or the jury.  It is there they will go and talk about or deliberate the issues. 

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After their talk the judge or the jury will make a decision that everyone has to agree upon.  Then the judge or jury will come out and the decision will be read.  If you are found innocent you will go home.  However, if you are found guilty you will be taken away to await sentencing or if sentenced taken away to start your sentence.

This is a very rudimentary outline of what will happen in the court and when working with legal representation.